Frequently asked questions

Event cancellation

The event has been cancelled. When and how will I get my money back?

If you purchased the tickets at one of our points of sale, the full amount will be refunded there. You have to provide your ticket in order to get the refund. Only events which are listed in the "Cancelled events" list in the Changes, cancellations section of our website with the "refund processing" column showing "The Tickets will be refunded in the place of purchase" are eligible for this type of refund.

For event cancellations, the whole amount will be refunded. In case of an event reschedule (or other changes) there is a possibility of a partial refund.

If you purchased your tickets directly from Ticketstream using a bank transfer, credit or debit card or other means of electronic payment, you should do the following: visit the Ticket refunds section of our website and send us an official request for refund by filling in the form. We are not able to process the refund without you submitting this official refund request first.

Please keep in my mind that most likely the refund will not be handled immediately - we need some time to process the request. Section 19, article 3 of the Consumer Protection Act states the following: "Reclamation process including overcoming the defect, must be processed without unnecessary delay, latest within 30 days after filing the request, unless the seller and consumer agree on other terms. In case this period is exceeded, the consumer has the same rights as if the defect is unrecoverable". Please do not be upset with us - we will work hard to handle your request as quickly as possible, but every request is processed manually and so takes some time to complete. We would like to apologize in advance for any inconvenience, but some events are cancelled by the organizer and there is nothing we can do about it.

Which organisation processes the ticket refunds? Is it only Ticketstream?

In majority of cases the tickets will be refunded by Tickestream. However, in some rare cases the contract between us and the organizer states that the refunds will be handled directly by the organizer. These cases are not frequent and should they happen, you will be informed about the organizer's terms and conditions, including their contact information, in the Changes, cancellations section of our website.

Ticket purchase

I ordered my tickets to be paid as cash on delivery. How can I track the delivery?

There are several ways to track the delivery of your ticket - you will get an email after placing your order with full details of your order. Please check the data and make sure everything is as it should be. After that our employees will start to process your order. This doesn't happen immediately: sometimes orders placed on friday are processed on monday, other times there are too many orders to handle so they are dispatched on the next working day.

Instead of waiting for the e-mail confirmation, we highly recommend to buy an E-ticket instead - these can be printed at home anytime without any delays. Tickestream has been the first ticketing company that offered this type of tickets in the Czech republic already since 2002.

Can I pay for tickets with an employee benefit program?

Yes, we do accept certain employee benefit programs, but only online. We accept no physical vouchers.

Online payment didn't go through, is there some other way to pay for the tickets?

If a connection to the payment gate is lost during a payment process, there is no way to pay for the order online again. In such case you need to place your order once more, or - if you want to keep your selected seats - you can visit one of our points of sale and finish your order there (you will be asked for your order number).

Ticket loss or return

I purchased tickets but decided not to attend the event. Can I return my tickets or exchange them for other tickets?

Unless the event is cancelled it is not possible to exchange the tickets or return them.

I purchased the tickets, but I am unable to attend the event because I got sick. Is there a way to return the tickets and get my money back?

Ticketstream was the first company in the Czech republic that introduced ticket insurance. During the purchase you can simply add insurance which represents just a fraction of the total amount. If your tickets are insured you will get your money back if you have a serious reason not to attend the event (eg. illness, death in the family and other described in the terms and conditions for the insurance). To get your money back you will need to contact the insurance company, which will be responsible for the refund.

What to do in case of a ticket loss?

If you ordered an e-ticket online your tickets should have been delivered to your e-mail inbox. Please contact our customer service, if you can't find the e-mail message in your inbox. If you have an account registered at our website, log in and download your tickets from your profile. As for printed tickets we are unable to issue a duplicate, but you can ask our customer support to issue a receipt confirming your purchase. However there is no way we can guarantee that the organizer will grant you admission based on this receipt without a valid ticket.

Other queries

Is it dangerous to forge fake tickets? What if I print one more for myself for free? Will anyone notice?

A Tickestream ticket in any possible form - printed or electronic - is an official document and customers, that will try to falsify our tickets can be and will be prosecuted by law. We have electronic means to validate each ticket's reference number and in case we come across a duplicate we contact the police immediately. Some of our customers who tried to forge our tickets ended up in jail and had to pay a fine worth around half a million CZK.

Do not copy, reprint or forge our tickets, handle them as valuables and you will be granted access to the events for which they were purchased with no problem.